Green Cup Cafe - Downtown Fort Myers (Gluten Free & Vegan)

This is one of my very favorite spots to not only grab a quick bite, but to also relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that goes with it. This Garden Quinoa bowl is FULL of delicious plant based and gluten free ingredients that you're gonna love. With arugula, tomato, beets, sweet potato, avocado, and a sweet and savory tahini dressing. You can add your choice of protein or leave it as is. I added Maple Tempeh to my bowl which is also a gluten free and vegan protein choice. It all had such a great flavor when combined all together in this gorgeous bowl! 

Their drink selection is to die for! From boba tea with coconut milk to my cayennade (cayenne pepper lemonade). This was their fresh made lemonad, cayenne pepper with lots of spice, and apple cider vinegar! It was definitely a healthy drink and tasted exactly like how I make it at home. 

They have a gluten free vegan bagel available and tons of gluten free vegan options! This is definitely a place to go to with those allergies or if you're looking for a tasty and healthy place to eat. 

Location: Great area located in the middle of downtown Fort Myers. Beautiful inside and outside seating!

Menu: Unfortunately Green Cup Cafe does not have an online menu. 

Pricing: Moderate *On a scale of Cheap, Moderate, and High.