Let Me Introduce Myself: Meet Caleigh Michele


1. My home is Florida. Specifically the Naples area. The Southwest Florida area used to have such a different rep about it, however within the last few years it has change SO much and is continuing to change each day! It used to be the "youngsters" aka myself and a lot of others would find zero things to do when visiting or living in the Southwest Florida area. That is changing so fast! The younger crowd is quickly taking over this area and I couldn't love that more. 

A few things I love:

Beautiful beaches.

Quiet cities. 

Easy driving. 

Growing night life. 

Upcoming music scene. 

Lovely local cafes.  


3. Im a Disney girl to my core. Do I even need to say anything else? I dream of one day owning a vacation home in Orlando, Florida with a different Disney theme in each room, an annual pass, and food service delivering Erin Mckenna's donuts each morning. (Joking...kinda). 

4. I love Jesus! I TRULY started following God after I graduated high school. I considered myself a "Christian" my entire life. However, I really started to uncover who God really is and how I can follow Him after I graduated. I needed to discover who He was on my own without others telling me to. (I went to a Christian school from 5th-12th grade.) Recently, this past year I really went deep into God's Word and I couldn't be happier that I decided to do that. I am now in a place in my life where I am so beyond excited to continue to learn each day who He is and how my life will change because of it!


Well, good morning! I felt like today was a good day to sit down and really take the time to introduce myself. To say hi, howdy, what's up?! Recently, I've been "rebranding" myself. Who I want myself to be, how I want to portray my life, and most importantly what GOD wants me to be in this life I am so blessed to wake up and live out each day. 

I also realized that I miss pulling out my laptop and just writing out my heart onto a blank blog post and creating sentences that will hopefully inspire others in how they live out their day! 

So I decided to sit down this morning in a messy bun and my Walmart perscription glasses to tell you 6 fun, possibly weird, but true facts about me and my life!

Fact Time:


2. I live a plant based and gluten free life! I say "life" because being plant based is truly my way of living. I LOVE all things plants, essential oils, vegan meals, natural beauty, and more! I am also gluten free! Yipee! (Said no one ever.) However, I can tell you I am the girl you come to whenever you have any questions about gluten free/dairy free substitutes. (I've got the scoop on ALL the best switches, so message dis girl if you're freaking out that you'll never eat bread or cheese again.) I am a maaajor foodie! I can down a large fry and Chick-fil-a sauce with a large unsweetened iced tea or I can be loving sipping on my green juice and a super green salad with coconut bacon. Hashtag balance.


5. I struggle with OCD and Anxiety! This is something I will continue to work on for what I can assume will be the rest of my life and I've decided to be okay with that. My OCD tends to have "flair ups" every now and then, but currently have been decently okay (even though I give in to my OCD tendencies daily). My anxiety has actually been non existent lately, but I have dealt with my fair share of panic attacks and overwhelming feelings of anxiety in my life. My main focus whenever anxiety comes into play is: God. I am learning each day when I am faced with anxiety to take my eyes off the problem and place them on the one of can defeat ALL problems, God. 
Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything with prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."  

6. I'm a hippie at heart. I love everything yoga, meditation, nature, raw foods, no make up looks, farmers markets, spreading peace and inspiration, animals, and my holistic way of life. Does all that really consider me a modern day hippie? Maybe not, but probably. 

Well, folks. There you have it! Six random, maybe silly, yet true facts about little ole me. I hope you got to see a little bit into my life and what I am all about! I hope you come back here to read more posts from me very soon. I'm thinking maybe a yummy food recipe next? Anyone down for a funky taco recipe? Thought so! 

- Caleigh Michele