A Tampa Adventure - Oxford Exchange, The Cider Press Cafe & Gourmet Popsicles

Helloooo Friday! This week Adam and I took a day trip to Tampa to lets face it...basically eat our way around the city. I think we can one hundred percent say we ate the best we ever have. Starting off with the insanely unique Oxford Exchange, a huge lunch at The Cider Press Cafe, and finishing off with two locations for two, yes two, desserts. Lets go! 

Oxford Exchange

Our favorite destination whenever we come to Tampa is the Oxford Exchange. It has beautiful architecture, a coffee bar, a tea bar, a gorgeous restaurant filled with lots of local and veggie options, very unique shops, and seating up and downstairs to enjoy the delightful sipping! I dare you to not fall in love with this place. 

It's in a location perfect for exploring the downtown vibes, the friendly people, and endless photo opportunities! 




The Cider Press Cafe


This place holds a very special place in my heart! I used to work at the first location in Naples, Florida for about a year until they sadly had to close down the location. They are now located in St. Pete, Florida on a great corner street in the downtown area. Its feel is very artistic with art pieces from the local artists in the area! They used to specialize is specifically raw vegan food, but now have branched out to amazing cooked foods as well! 

One of my favorite things about this place is their unique drink selection. They have a local kombucha brand on tap, Mother Kombucha. This is by far my favorite kombucha brand I've ever tried. For starters we had the raw vegan buffalo bites served with their raw ranch sauce. They are now using the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat and let me just say its to die for. We both got the ultimate burger with toppings of raw mayo, organic ketchup and mustard, red onion rings, and pickles. I got my burger on a gluten free bun with a side of raw coleslaw and he got a side of the vegan potato salad. YUM. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

The Hyppo 

We found this gourmet popsicle shop a couple doors down from the cafe and we had to go in for a little dessert. I have never seen so many different flavors. We ended up choosing the champagne mango and the banana coconut! So good and the art on the walls here are so cool! 

The Locale Market

This is another favorite of ours and we just had to come back again. This market is kind of like a whole foods set up except it is way more classy and the food options are SO different and delicious. It is a grocery store, but inside are about 4 different cafes from sushi burritos, to a full on vegan counter, to burgers, and beer. You name it. We had to stop and get this raw brownie sundae we found. We stumbled upon samples and uhh yes. Amazing. 

I hope next time you find yourself in Tampa you check out some of these awesome locations!