5 Tips For Self Love + Things to incorporate into your weekly routine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! A lot of people dread this day because they find it a "corporate holiday" which may be the case! However, in my eyes it's another beautiful day to celebrate love together. Today, i'll be sharing some of my ways I like to incorporate self love into my weekly life. 

Because self love is one of the most important kinds of love.

#1 Writing down your thoughts

This is so important and one of my favorite ways to eliminate stress and moving forward to have a great day. I have many notebooks I like to use for different things and I keep a special one aside to write all of my prayers in. I write down my worries, my concerns, my hopes, things I'm thankful for, all of it. Talking to God is the most important part of my day and I'm always working harder at becoming more diligent with my prayer life. God answers prayers! 

#2 A healthy breakfast 

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but it's also my favorite! I like sticking to a plant based diet so I'm always trying to come up with more delicious and healthy meals for the morning time! This week I'm making parfaits and they're so good and super simple.

Pick your favorite dairy free yogurt (I love Kite Hill and Silk)

Top with your favorite fresh fruit! (Blueberries and strawberries are my favorite)

Then pick a healthy granola! (Engine 2 products are awesome)


#3   Pamper yourself on a budget

There are many wallet friendly ways to pamper yourself for a little self loving. I love using my Mineral Fusion nail polish's and painting my nails without damaging them with all of those harsh nail polish chemicals and fumes! Also using coconut oil to help nourish my cuticles. Another way is to smash up some organic avocado and make a little face mask out of it (and possibly make some delicious guacamole out of the rest). So many amazing skin loving nutrients not only when you eat avocado, but using it topically as well! 

#4 Treat yourself 

One way I absolutely love treating myself is, is with a new tea. I love my teas! A couple of my new favorites recently have been Yogi Green Tea Kombucha Decaf  and organic rose tea. Both are very uplifting and relaxing. If you're not a big tea drinker, pick up something else you know you'll enjoy. Maybe a new snack to try or a cozy pair of pajamas. Something simple that'll make you smile. 

#5 A good night sleep

Make sure you clean your sheets, pillow cases, and blankets every single week. If not every week, make it every other week. Fresh blankets help to comfort you and keep you feeling nice and clean and refreshed in the morning. Also, anyone else a night time TV watcher? If so, try watching a familiar show. That way your brain finds comfort in the familiarity. I find that if I watch a new TV show I'm on high alert waiting to know what happens next. When I watch something familiar like Friends on Netflix, I can relax and just enjoy in a peaceful manor. 

Anymore tips you like to use for some self loving? Comment below and let us know! This is a friendly community and I'm always down to learn more ways to incorporate new habits into my life!