Natural Period Relief - Cramps, Mood, & Endometriosis

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I am coming to you with a very important subject and one a lot of us don't necessarily love to talk about. That is OUR PERIODS! Woohoo. Fun right? Many of us have to deal with the extreme pain that comes with it, cramps. Others have to deal with symptoms of endometriosis which effects many women around the world today.

I, myself, get terrible back pain, awful cramps, nausea, and even weakness my first and sometimes second day. I have had to call out many many many days of work because I couldn't even manage to get out of bed without wanting to fall over in sever pain. It's terrible. I am also not one to keep on reaching for the bottle of Tylenol and forget about the side effects it has on my body. I want the best for my body and with that I have today my tips on "surviving" those days of dreadful womanhood. 

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

This is my favorite way to relieve cramps. I keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil everywhere I go. In my purse, by my beside, and even going in my diffuser all night long while I sleep. I love it's many benefits especially when dealing with cramps. It's minty sensation acts as natures "Icy Hot". 

How To Use:

Dilute with an oil base (coconut oil, jojoba, etc.) 

I don't dilute it with any oil because I like to keep it super strong dealing with the cramps I get. Do what works for you. I've used many brands and non of them have burned my sensitive skin. 

Use 5-7 drops on the affected area. Rub in. Breathe deep. Keep Calm. 

2. Turmeric Root

Natures pain relief! God bless it. Turmeric is very anti inflammatory leading to less pain in the body. You can get turmeric in all forms including by supplementing, this is the brand I am currently using! You can also get it through your food. Adding it to many delicious and healthy dishes. Buying the organic turmeric spice may be the best choice for many people especially women, because of the concentration of curcumin in the turmeric. Other ways are using it in forms of tea. Soaking the raw organic root in hot water or buying the tea in most health food stores. 

3. Plant Based Diet

A whole food plant based diet is a diet rich in anti inflammatory foods that grow from this earth that benefit your body in many ways. It's a diet full of minimally processed foods. Adding in lots of leafy greens, hydrating fruits and vegetables, and whole grains will benefit your body by regulating your hormones to get your body aligned and ready for your menstrual cycle. A diet less in unhealthy saturated fats found in animal products can tremendously help your bodies overall health, especially when dealing with cramps.

Switch out your unhealthy fats for healthy ones like avocados, nuts, seeds, coconuts, and more! 

I have had the most success with switching over to a whole foods diet! My pain has tremendously gone down when dealing with cramps. 

4. Don't get tense!

This is one I have been working on for the last couple of months. To not let my body tense up and hold in more pain. A lot of the pain is in our minds. When we chose to let go and breathe deeply our pain will go down immensely. Try it! Its something to keep working on and keep improving! 

5. Heat!

This last one seems kind of obvious, but it's to invest in a good heating pad. For me I get really bad back pain. So not only do I directly use the peppermint oil to help reduce pain, but I use a giant heating pad to wrap around my stomach and my back to reach both sides. It's a great purchase! Thanks babe for running out and getting it for me when I was hurdled over in pain. ;)

I hope you gained a little insight on a few of my favorite ways to relieve period symptoms naturally! If any of you have any tips as well, leave them in the comment section below! Have an amazing and beautiful day!